Barbara Pollard is an internationally acclaimed actress, writer, director and teacher with over 35 years of professional experience. With exceptional insight, and a passionate approach to her coaching, teaching and directing, she specializes in bringing out exemplary performances from  artists of all ages and anyone who faces the pressures of public speaking.

She has great energy and focus, but also works with a remarkably creative imagination and huge sense of fun.

“I am dedicated and passionate about the realization of each and every  individual’s unique talents.  I have a knack for uncovering, supporting, nurturing and helping those talents blossom. I have helped actors discover absolutely magical connections, nail parts and open doors that had previously been closed.  I have travelled the world performing my own words, but have also adapted a  book for the stage,  and written for radio and TV.  I truly relish the chance to encourage writers and am an excellent editor and strong dramaturg . I love my work and the people I work with. I find it  incredibly rewarding making these discoveries together.  The journey is always challenging, exciting and often unforgettable. Whatever it is, we will get the job done.”


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